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Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Family Guy is one of my favorite Tv show, And in last night Episode one of the main characters Died after being hit by a car. 
Brian Griffin was on the show for all 11 seasons, Brian was hit by a car in last night's episode ... and died from his injuries,

A geat emotional scene saw Brian in his last words   say goodbye to his family, pressing numerous  fans to admit to shedding a tear.

Must this very touching scene 

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How English sounds to non-English speakers

Native speaker of nature
Native speaker of nature (Photo credit: quinn.anya)
How English sounds to non-English speakers

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‘Skwerl’. A short film in fake English.
Credits: A film by Brian & Karl:

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How to Sound Polite In English ??

How to Sound Polite In English ??

sorry (Photo credit: boxchain)
Which one do I use?

Sorry / I'm so sorry
Excuse me
Pardon me
Forgive me
I would like to apologise...
I'm afraid...

You have bumped into someone in the street, it was your fault.
- I'm SO sorry, are you ok?

You need to get through the crowd, NOW!!!
- Excuse me, excuse me please... coming through....

A fart or burp!!!!
- Pardon me!!!!
The only other time we use 'pardon' is if we have been offended BY someone.
then we say...."I beg your pardon!?...." it means WHAT did you say??!
eg "Who's that fat lady over there?"
"I beg your pardon!?? That fat lady is my wife!!"

"Forgive me" is only used when you have done something pretty bad, like cheated on our wife or husband, or killed someone!
- "I've been so stupid, forgive me!"

Messing up at work.
- "I would like to apologise for my error"

When you are unable to do something.
- Would you like to come to dinner on Saturday?
- I'm afraid I already have plans, or I'm sorry I can't make it.

"I'm afraid" expresses REGRET, it also has another meaning "I'm scared".
eg "I'm afraid I can't do that".

or "I'm afraid of lightening".
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samedi 9 novembre 2013

How To Learn English Like a Child ?

How To Learn English Like a Child ?
English: child
English: child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today's lesson is a little bit different, its a secret from an English native speaker and teacher, she helped and guide me. and I'm going to quote her secret on How to learn English ?
My friend Natalie once wrote that :

No, really! I mean it! I'll let you in on a secret - I HATE GRAMMAR! It is so boring.

You need to stop thinking about what you are saying, stop formulating the correct sentence structure in your head, and just absorb the natural rhythm to phrases.

This can be achieved by listening to conversations over and over again without actually participating, just LISTENING.

How do children learn to speak their native language? For the first 12-18 months of their lives, they just LISTEN.

Maybe you don't have an English speaking mother talking at you over and over again, so you can listen by getting yourself some audio tapes. MAKE SURE THEY ARE NATURAL CONVERSATIONS ABOUT SOMETHING YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN. Put them on your phone or IPOD and when you are waiting for something, listen to English. While you are waiting for the bus, the train, while you are on the train, while you are waiting for your dinner to cook, put your headset on at lunchbreak at work, (you can ignore all your annoying colleagues - just put your headset on and close your eyes!).

Get yourself some audio files that you understand 90% of and can guess the rest. Listen to them over and over. When you feel confident with this material, move the level up a bit. Repeat. You'll be amazed at how just listening will filter through to your conversation, and you will feel more confident too!

Be kind to yourself, always have a picture of yourself speaking English confidently and clearly in your head. It will come! better for it to come naturally rather than squeezed out of a grammar book."
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lundi 4 novembre 2013

How To Learn English At Home 3 Steps !!

How To Learn English At Home 3 Steps !!

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Hello And welcome 
If you want to learn English and unfortunately you do not have enough money or simply you do not have enough time to go to school or attend English course , Today's article is for you , what you need to do is read English materials ; Books, Newspapers,,, that are available in your house and also speak English whenever you have a chance, you can do this by using Internet, for example Skype converstation . Below few Instructions that will help you learn English at Home:
  1. Firstly, ListeningListen to English. Kids Naturaly learn language by listening and When you are listening to English Tv shows, series , turn on the subtitles or closed captioning to your native language. Learn conversational English by reading along with subtitles or closed captioning as you listen to the speakers. Even entertainment programming is helpful; you will better understand the language when paired with visual cues, such as the body language of the speaker and the social context of the spoken words.
  2. Secondly Reading; “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” ― Dr. SeussI Can Read With My Eyes Shut!
    Read English Materials , newspapers and magazines. Begin with simple books like kids novels, simple stories. Use an English dictionary to help you learn new words as you read. Reading English language will improve your vocabulary, grammar, and your whole English in general .
  3. Thirdly Pratice;“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― AristotleThe Nicomachean Ethics
     Practice your English at home as much as you can; When learning a new word or phrase, use that word or phrase instead of your native language. You can also talk to yourself in front of a miror . Speak with native English speakers to increase your understanding and improve your pronunciation.

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Understand English Tenses Easily !

Understand English Tenses Easily !

Hello and Welcome To English Jar !
Today I will share with you some great tables that will help you Understand English Tenes easily ! Enjoy





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How to Sound like a native speaker from US !!

How to Sound like a native speaker from US !!

In the previous article we talked about How to Sound like a native speaker from London ! and in  today's video we will learn about how and when to use slang pronunciations.
US Native speaker always talk very fast , so they change words and phrase, it's hard for a beginner learner to follow them and understand what they are talking about, so improve your listening skills and learn spme slang pronunciation with  Ronnie from .

Image credit : Flag of the United States.svg from Wikimedia Commons